Hockey Hysteria

SO, my husband won tickets to the Syracuse Crunch Hockey Game for Saturday night. That was the good news. The bad news...  it seems I have been under too much pressure and stress lately because I broke out in hives all over my body, it started with a little bit of itching Friday night, and was full blown when I woke up on Saturday morning. I was a trooper though and we still went to the hockey game. Even though we got twenty minutes away from home and had to turn around because hubby forgot the tickets in his other jacket, and we were stuck in nearly stand still traffic on the highway for about a half hour becaue the "Monster Jam" monster truck rally was also in town, making us barely get there in time. The reason we were anxious about getting there on time - My husband was also the grand prize winner. I got to watch him on the ice during intermission trying to win a new car by making 16 goals with 20 pucks and 20 seconds. He made a great effort, ran out of time before he shot all 20, but still got some cool consolation prizes. 

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