I Remember Who I Was

A poem I wrote many years ago, long before I finished "Three Rules" but the sentiment aligns with the novel.

I Remember Who I Was  

I remember who I was,

Alone in a dark place and scared,

So strong for someone so fragile,

Quietly raging, silent anger,

Steady but still unstable,

Getting past the dark,

Willing but unable.

I know who I am now,

Independent and Mature,

Intelligent and thoughtful,

Building a family, a career,

Loved and valued and not so alone,

A light shining through,

so in the dark I see,

The glow of forgiveness,

Can I embrace it and let it wash over me?

I dream of who I will be,

In the many years to come,

Truly happy and mended,

All the pieces become one,

The darkness extinguished

The fear forever banished  

Light of love lead me to

These days of the future

Let me not stumble backward  

To who I remember 

© Marie Drake 2005

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