Aging Gracefully?

So, several years ago, I had a sledding accident and messed up my neck. When I say sledding, something awesome comes to mind - like a snowmobile. I am sooo not that cool. I am talking about a sled of the blow-up inner tube variety. We had ten children sledding, our children, our foster children, and a friend of one of my sons. The teenagers who were there before us had built a ramp for their snowboards. My son and his friend were on a giant double tube; they went first, and they hit that ramp. The tube flew out from under them as they sailed through the air, and I was totally freaking out because their bodies twisted and flipped like rag dolls. My son, who was much bigger than his friend, landed on top of his friend who was face down in the snow. I ran down the hill as my husband picked them up and brushed them off. I wanted to check for broken bones, but the boys wanted to go again. Uh, no. No more ramp! We moved over on the top of the hill.
My older kids helped the younger ones back up the hill after my husband caught them at the bottom, and I held the youngests' sleds until it was their turn to go down the hill. I decided that it would be easier if I sat on one, and held the other two. My footing slipped, and down the hill I went. I quickly released the other sleds and tried to hold on for dear life, but I was awkwardly seated and the sled spun around backwards so I couldn't even see where I was going. Yay! The little kids thought it was great. Mom was going down the hill. Not good. That ramp I mentioned previously - I hit it. Not the thrilling jump in the air the boys experienced. I hit it going backwards. My head stuck into the pile of snow, and it went in so far that it removed the sunglasses right off my face. The kids were stunned. My husband rushed over to see if I was okay. Truth was I couldn't even get up. I couldn't move my neck. But I laughed. I had my husband dig my sunglasses out of the snowbank and put them back on me so the kids wouldn't see me cry. I didn't want to alarm them. Besides, it was kind of funny, my body sticking out of that ramp, and my head was inside. If it wasn't for the fact that I couldn't turn my head for three months afterward, it would have been funnier. Still, I have limited range of motion to the left side. Sometimes when I move my shoulder the bones in my neck pop. If only I were as flexible as those boys who survived the ramp.
I have broken parts of my left ankle and foot three different occasions, and I have to wear a brace sometimes. That is a "funny" story for another day. Yesterday, I aggravated that ankle while exercising and have to wear my brace.  Plus, I am wearing an elbow brace because I have 'writer's elbow' - more commonly known as tennis elbow. So, this morning I wake up with the neck pain. Neck, ankle and elbow this week. I am really not that old, but when seen in public, I look like I may have been in an auto accident. LOL. I try to eat well, and exercise. I don't smoke, and I drink alcohol in moderation. But, I am having a hard time looking and feeling my best. All these aches and pains - it does not feel like I am aging gracefully.

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