Locked Hearts Series Book 2

  Jordan had succumbed to Kimberly in their dangerous game of seduction, and he left Allentown, Pennsylvania to distance himself from her and his bad choices, but Kimberly wasn't ready to release him. Jordan is shocked to find her on his Hartsdale, New York doorstep months later; bound by their secrets, he must comply with her plans. Different town, same Kimberly; her troubling behaviors haunt him, and their past soon comes knocking. He can't refuse Kimberly, but he still can't win her love. The embers of his obsession burst into flames. What lengths will he reach to manage his inner turmoil? The apple didn't fall far from the tree, and he gains new sympathy for his deceased grandfather. 
  Kimberly meets Sam, a spell-binding and compassionate neighbor with troubles of her own. Sam grants Kimberly unconditional loyalty and by her actions, teaches Kimberly the true meaning of love; maybe it will smooth out one little kink: Kimberly wants the man in love with Sam. Will Kimberly sacrifice her desires for Sam's needs or will she shatter Sam's world? 
  Kimberly and Jordan's love/hate relationship escalates in 'You Can't Fence Time' (Locked Hearts Series Book 2) by Marie Drake.

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