For the last fifteen years I have been dealing with a plethora of issues stemming from thyroid dysfunction. After my son was born, doctors diagnosed me with it and I was extremely sick for about two years. I was on medication until my thyroid hormone levels were in the range considered 'normal'. Then I was taken off the medication and monitored to be sure it stayed that way. Unfortunately, it did. I say 'unfortunately' because if they are in the 'normal' range, but the symptoms don't disappear - you're really out of luck. 
 I have been back and forth to have those levels checked many times over the years and it always shows up normal. Too bad the headaches, fatigue, various skin conditions, extra weight, muscle and joint pain with tendonitis, high cholesterol, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and general malaise didn't get that memo. I was stuck with them. Doctors had me on a diet and exercise plan. When you already suffer from anxiety and depression on top of fatigue and you have to work out an hour every day - never to feel or see any results - this does NOT make you feel better. But I kept on going... because if I didn't, it only got worse. WORSE. I had to do all the work just so I wouldn't feel worse and gain weight. Ugh.
 But I finally came to the last straw a couple of months ago. It was making my hair fall out, clumps of hair. Come on - really? So, I had to get over 10 inches cut off. I had grown my hair out for the first time in a while, it was a little traumatic. So, I talked to a lot of people who have suffered with the same problem, searched for any answers and suggestions I could find, consulted several people I know in the medical community and now - I have been on a new regimen for almost six weeks of several vitamins and supplements (none of which are weight loss products) and I think it is working. I felt it after the first week, but didn't want to jinx myself. I hope it continues. I haven't changed my exercise routine, and I am not 'dieting', yet I lost 8 pounds. It is almost impossible for me to lose weight, or at least it feels that way. I am sleeping better at night, feel more energy during the day and just feel better in general. I am so happy to finally have some relief. I cross my fingers, knock on wood, and pray that it continues to be effective.