Final Book of The Locked Hearts Series Available Now

 Jordan Fry's attempts to reform Kimberly Orvine's behaviors have failed repeatedly, and he must face that she will never love him. To preserve his sanity, he separates from her again, but without her, he spirals out of control and can not maintain a healthy and peaceful existence. Anyone in his path that reminds him of Kimberly faces danger.

 Kimberly has found new purpose, and although it comes in a different form than what she'd expected, she knows she must turn her life around and heal the damage inflicted on her as a child. She also gains a new perspective on her relationship with Jordan; she has to let him go, but Jordan wants them to be together forever, no matter what it takes.

 Jordan and Kimberly's battle of wills reaches a shocking conclusion in YOU CAN'T FIGHT FATE.

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