Drama, Lies, and Battle Cries

 Decades later, here you are, your victim costume tattered and worn. You squeeze and tug and hold it together even though it fits too snug and the material is frayed. Elevate yourself, scream and shout at anyone who will listen. Words of woe about those who didn't ingest your venom with gratitude, accept your abuse or give as much as YOU thought they should. Lay blame of your circumstances at others' feet, spit poison in their faces and try to recruit others in your hate campaign. Wake up call. I've been in your shoes but rejected the uniform. The world didn't owe you anything. It never promised to be fair. Not even family members OWED you anything. Your life. Your choices. You spent your decisions poorly and sprayed your noxious attitude over your children. When you have taught your children that family doesn't love them and has never done anything for them, YOU have failed. Children are your greatest gift and YOUR highest priority. If not a single other person on this planet reaches a hand to help, you claw and you climb and you carry them on your back. You pull them tighter into your embrace and love them enough for a thousand people. Put on your suit of armor and deny the victim's ensemble. Hold your children's emotional well being above your pride, jealousy, or disappointment. If you want someone to have a relationship with your child and you think that relationship will be beneficial NOT harmful to their development then keep your mouth shut. Sealed. Stem the flow of bitterness and hostility. Speak ill of no one, or speak of them not at all. Honestly, even if you don't support a relationship between them. Either way, in seeking sympathy and coconspirators for your perceived wrongs, you damage yourself and your children more than anyone you point your finger at. You sew the threads of a matching victim's suit those children will easily slip into when they find excuses are necessary and readily available. 

Copyright Marie Drake

October 2021

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