THREE RULES by Marie Drake

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 What if the secret you believed was your most awful, shocking, and shameful wasn't truly the worst thing you kept locked deep inside your mind? What if you thought you'd survived the worst thing that could happen to you and you were wrong? 
Joey Bishop has loved Hope Wellman since they were children, but Hope finds it difficult to love anyone else when she is less than fond of herself. Turning twenty-one, she carries a childhood full of horrific memories, a bone chilling recurring nightmare, and a persistent paranoid sense of being followed that she would rather keep repressed. Is evil reaching from beyond the grave to capture the tattered remnants of her soul once and for all? Is it only a machination of her disturbed mind? Is there something more sinister than even she can imagine happening? 
Attending her abuser's funeral is the first step in putting her life back together. She struggles with never telling anyone what happened to her, and that the grave they are mourning over is empty. She'd find it a lot easier to move on and believe in the future if he were in the box, waiting for a blanket of dirt. She fears the last thread of her sanity has snapped when she sees Lucas everywhere she turns, and can't escape a recurring nightmare. Is her tormentor alive, or does she imagine it? Do past fears trigger her dreams or are they a prediction of the future? 
Will Hope realize the depth of Joey's devotion and accept his love, or will her temporary feeling of relief be shattered by an even harsher reality and end her wishes for a better future?

"Three Rules" was a "Kindle Book Review 2014 Best Kindle Book Awards Semifinalist" in the top 20 contenders in its genre. 

"Three Rules" has received three 5 star reviews from the Readers' Favorite Book Reviews and Awards Contest with its entry into the 2015 event. It garnered a '5' rating for all aspects of the mini critique: Appearance, Plot, Development, Formatting, Marketability, and Overall Opinion.


Three Rules

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